Arts and architecture


The Galerie am Markt
The Kunsthalle Würth

In Schwäbisch Hall you may encounter artworks at every corner. Many exhibition sites, sculptures in the townscape and of course the ancient or modern architecture provide a broad range of visual arts.

The Galerie am Markt has been displaying exhibitions of nationwide significant contemporary art since 1976. In 2002, the arts association of Schwäbisch Hall adopted the sponsorship of the gallery that had before been maintained by the magistrate.

A highlight of international dimension is the Kunsthalle Würth arts gallery, featuring top-class temporary exhibitions since 2001. The Kunsthalle Würth began to display 'Old masters from the Würth collection' in its new branch, the Hospitalers' church, in November 2008. The Virgin of Mercy by Hans Holbein the Younger has been on display there since 2012.

The Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum is dedicated to historico-cultural subjects and contemporary art from the region. Exhibits from the town's collection of contemporary art are also integrated into the permanent exhibition of the museum.

The townscape contains sculptures that have been bought on various occasions since 1982: 'Arts in town'.

The Dieter Franck House on Oberlimpurg castle, dedicated to the work of Hall's painter D. Franck (1909-1985), opened in 2007.

The artists' association of Schwäbisch Hall and the Hohenlohe art association are active at various exhibition sites, notably in the Haalhalle.

The Hall Academy of Arts, founded in 1990, is providing courses, lectures, exhibitions and summer academies. Lecturers and students of the Advanced Technical College for Design, located in town since 2000, integrate themselbes into the artistic business.

The arts forum of the Schwäbisch Hall Building Society is showing exhibitions of international and of Baden-Württemberg's artists.

The Haalhalle and the slaughter-hall in the Old Slaughter-house can be rented for exhibitions.

Many prominent artists live and work in Schwäbisch Hall, p. e. in the studio houses Hirtenscheuer and Hofpfad 1.

You would like to visit everything at once? All the arts facilities are joining to present their works during the Long Night of Arts.